What is Niru Yoga Homestay with Yoga Retreat Center?

Niru Yoga Homestay is a place where guests can experience a peaceful and rejuvenating stay while immersing themselves in the practice of yoga. It is a retreat center that offers a range of yoga classes, workshops, and holistic wellness activities.

Where is Niru Yoga Homestay located?

Niru Yoga Homestay is located in Changunarayan Municipality Word No. 6, Nagarkot Road, Kharipati, Bhaktapur district, In Kathmandu Valley. (19Km far from the busy city of Kathmandu Thamel & International Airport.). Please refer to our website or contact us directly for the exact address and directions.

What types of accommodations are available at Niru Yoga Homestay?

We offer comfortable and cozy accommodations suitable for individuals, couples, or small groups. Our options may include private rooms, shared rooms, or traditional homestay arrangements. Each accommodation is designed to provide a peaceful and relaxing environment for our guests.

What yoga classes and programs are offered at Niru Yoga Homestay?

At Niru Yoga Homestay, we offer a variety of yoga classes and programs to cater to different interests and levels of experience. Our main focus is Traditional Hatha Yoga, which serves as the foundation for our classes. In addition to Hatha Yoga, we provide instruction in various yoga-related practices such as sound healing, meditation, chakra healing, pranayama (breathing exercises), mantra chanting, and deepening the understanding of yoga poses’ roots. We strive to offer a comprehensive approach to yoga, ensuring that our guests have the opportunity to explore different aspects of this ancient practice.

Can beginners join the yoga classes at Niru Yoga Homestay?

Certainly! In addition to providing classes for beginners, we also offer more advanced yoga poses for those seeking a challenge and an opportunity to deepen their practice. Some of the challenging poses we teach at Niru Yoga Homestay include:

Handstand Scorpion Pose (Taraksvasana): This pose combines the strength and balance of a handstand with the flexibility of a scorpion pose, requiring focus and control.

Forearm Scorpion (Vrischikasana): In this pose, the practitioner balances on their forearms while lifting the legs into a scorpion-like position, developing upper body strength and flexibility.

Crow Pose (Bakasana): Bakasana is an arm balance where the hands are planted firmly on the ground, and the knees rest on the upper arms, requiring core strength and balance.

One-Legged Crane Pose (Eka Pada Bakasana): Similar to Crow Pose, this variation involves lifting one leg off the upper arm while maintaining balance and stability.

Lotus Pose (Padmasana): Padmasana is a seated posture that requires flexibility in the hips and knees, promoting calmness and concentration.

Lotus Headstand (Sirsasana li Padmasana): This advanced variation combines the headstand with the lotus pose, requiring both strength and flexibility.

Eight-Angle Pose (Astavakrasana): Astavakrasana challenges the practitioner’s arm and core strength while twisting the body into a unique shape.

Headstand (Sirsasana): The headstand is a fundamental inversion pose that offers numerous benefits, including increased blood flow to the brain and improved focus.

These challenging poses are taught with proper alignment instructions, modifications, and gradual progression, ensuring the safety and well-being of our students.

Are meals provided at Niru Yoga Homestay?

Certainly! At Niru Yoga Homestay, we understand the importance of nourishing the body with wholesome meals. We provide nutritious and delicious meals as part of our retreat packages. Our dedicated kitchen staff prepares a variety of meals that cater to different dietary preferences and requirements.

In addition to our regular meal offerings, we occasionally introduce different types of cuisine to add variety and cultural experiences for our guests. We recognize that our guests come from diverse backgrounds and countries, and we encourage them to share their culinary traditions. As a result, we offer the opportunity for guests to cook their own country’s famous dishes in our open kitchen. This creates a wonderful environment where guests can share their cultural heritage through food and foster a sense of community.

Our kitchen is open and accessible to all guests who wish to prepare their own healthy meals. We provide the necessary cooking facilities and equipment to support their culinary endeavors. Whether it’s exploring new recipes, cooking traditional dishes, or experimenting with healthy creations, our guests have the freedom to showcase their culinary skills and satisfy their individual tastes.

We are happy to accommodate special dietary requirements and preferences upon prior request. Our kitchen staff is trained to handle various dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other specific food restrictions. By informing us in advance, we ensure that our guests can enjoy meals that align with their dietary choices.

Overall, at Niru Yoga Homestay, we strive to create a warm and inclusive environment where guests can indulge in nourishing meals, share cultural cuisine, and embark on a culinary journey during their stay.

What types of food and vegetables are provided at Niru Yoga Homestay?

At Niru Yoga Homestay, we take pride in offering guests a wholesome and nourishing culinary experience. Our primary focus is on using locally sourced ingredients, including a significant portion from our very own farm. We cultivate a variety of vegetables and herbs on-site, ensuring their freshness and quality.

The majority of the seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are served during meals are sourced directly from our farm. This allows us to provide guests with produce that is organic, pesticide-free, and full of natural flavors. We believe in the importance of sustainable agriculture and supporting local farmers, which is why we also purchase additional fruits and vegetables from the nearby markets. These items are carefully selected to ensure their freshness and adherence to our quality standards.

By incorporating fresh and locally sourced ingredients, we aim to offer guests meals that are not only delicious but also nutritious. Our dedicated kitchen staff prepares a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes that highlight the flavors and benefits of these fresh ingredients. From vibrant salads and hearty soups to wholesome main courses and delectable desserts, our menu is designed to cater to a range of dietary preferences and provide a well-rounded dining experience.

We strive to provide a farm-to-table experience, where guests can savor the taste of seasonal produce and appreciate the connection between food and nature. By prioritizing locally sourced and homegrown ingredients, we promote sustainability, support the local community, and ensure the highest quality standards in our culinary offerings.

Do you offer any additional activities or services?

Alongside yoga, we offer various additional activities and services to enhance your stay. These may include guided nature walks, meditation sessions, Ayurvedic consultations, spa treatments, and cultural excursions to nearby attractions. Please check our website or inquire directly for more details.

How can I make a reservation at Niru Yoga Homestay?

Online Booking System: Visit our official website and use our online booking system. Select your desired dates, accommodation type, and any additional services or programs you wish to include. Follow the prompts to provide the necessary details and complete the reservation process.

Contacting Reservation Team: You can directly contact our reservation team via WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, or email. Feel free to reach out to us at the following contact details:

WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram: [Provide the contact number(s) here]
Email: bookyoganepal@gmail.com
Our reservation team will assist you with the booking process, answer any queries you may have, and guide you through the necessary steps to confirm your reservation.

Fill out the Booking Form on the Website: Alternatively, you can visit the booking page on our website and fill out the reservation form. Provide the requested information, including your preferred dates, accommodation details, and any specific requirements or preferences. Once you have filled out the form, submit it, and our team will get in touch with you to finalize the booking details.

Please note that for the reservation to be confirmed, we may require an advanced payment or deposit. Our reservation team will provide you with the necessary instructions regarding the payment process. Once the payment is received, your reservation will be confirmed, and we will provide you with all the relevant information and assistance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay at Niru Yoga Homestay.

We recommend making your reservation in advance, especially during peak seasons, to secure your preferred dates and accommodations. Should you have any additional questions or need further assistance, our reservation team is ready to help you throughout the booking process.

Can I host a private event or retreat at Niru Yoga Homestay?

Yes, we can accommodate private events or retreats at our center. Whether it’s a corporate retreat, group workshop, or a special celebration, we can customize our offerings to meet your specific requirements. Please reach out to us with your event details, and we will assist you in planning a memorable experience.

Can we book a taxi or car?

Yes, we provide private vans, taxis, cars, and buses for groups. We have private vehicles with drivers who have name plates, and the drivers will wait for a long time. Therefore, they may charge slightly more than regular taxis. Some taxis may also charge higher fares, so please confirm with us if you need a taxi.
We are only 19km away from Kathmandu Airport and 20km from Thamel, so our driver will assist with pickups from the airport or any hotel.
If you prefer to hire your own taxi, please contact us at +9779851196408 for location details or find us on Google Maps. Please note that we may not be able to respond during morning and evening class times. Kindly refer to the time schedule page for more information.

Can Niru Yoga Retreat arrange yoga trekking or provide information about yoga travel?

Yes, Niru Yoga Homestay can arrange short 2-night, 3-day yoga trekking as well as 14-day yoga trekking. They also offer travel and tour arrangements, along with providing free travel information for all of Nepal.