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yogic breath-pranayam

Yogic Breath is one of the best Pranayama

Yogic Breath Method, Benefit & Precautions

The yogi’s ability to breathe and live a long life is the meaning of the yogic breath. Everyone has a certain amount of breath, therefore if we can alter it, we can improve the happiness of each and every part of our bodies.

Our bodies can hold about 500ml of oxygen from a typical breath, but if we take deep breaths, we can hold 5000ml to 10000ml.

If we look at some examples, a rabbit has a short lifespan due to breathing, whereas a tortoise can live for more than 400 years because it breathes when it needs to and holds its breath for a lengthy period of time.

One of the best breathing exercises for making our breath deep and long is yogic breath. We must practice inhaling and exhaling from the chest and abdomen during this pranayama.

yogic breath-pranayam


We can practice two different techniques for the yogic breath. The first is to take a deep breath in via the belly and chest and then exhale through the chest to belly. In this breathing technique, a single, large breath is taken while inhaling and exhaling simultaneously, but with the chest and belly moving first.

Using our abdomen and chest, we can inhale for 7 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds in the second technique.

In this approach, the chest and bally were separated into two parts.

Therefore, in 7 seconds, we can inhale for 3 seconds into the belly and 4 seconds into the chest, and exhale for 4 seconds into the belly and 4 seconds for the chest.

Once we have mastered this technique, we can experiment with other ratios or simply hold for 10 seconds after each breath.


By practicing this Pranayama, we may strengthen our body’s capacity for breathing and manage our minds and brains.

– affecting our entire body and reaching breath in the TANDEN region.

– Every cell in the body will be content and healthy if we perform this pranayam.

– No one ever feels ill. Health will be prevalent.


If a person has a hernia, high blood pressure, heart issues, back discomfort, or frailty, they must move extremely gently.

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