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Niru Yoga Home Stay with retreat center : FAQ

These are some of the frequently asked questions:

What is the history of Yoga?

As human consciousness began to develop, people started thinking about their health, ease, and comfort. They began to concentrate on peace of mind and good health. They kept exploring the inner aspects of human life and began to think about how to achieve peace of mind. In pursuit of it, they went on to learn about peace of mind and its power. In course of time, people concentrated deeper and deeper and they explored more about the peace of mind and its power. More..

How I start yoga?

Early morning (Bramha Murtha) time any one can start yoga for better life & health. For yoga need bally empty or two to 3 hours after meal. some yoga practice videos click here.

What is the benefit of yoga?

If we practice yoga its helps inside mind and outside body both have benefit for better life & health.

Can I do yoga if I have high blood pressure?

Yes some yoga pose you can practice.

Yoga and Pranayama is good for Diabetes?

Yes, some Yoga pose and some Pranayama helps for Diabetes.

Which Pranayama good for Diabetes?

these Pranayama is good for Diabetes.

  1. Bhastrika 50 times
  2. Kapalbati 50, 50, 50, 50 (200 times)
  3. Bhamri 20 to 30 times

Which pose help for Diabetes

Some Aasana are good for Diabetes.

  1. Uttanapadasana (20 to 30 second, 5 times)
  2. Navi  Darsanasana (30 to 40 second, 5 times)
  3. Kati chakrasana (30 to 60 second, 10 times
  4. Naukasan (20 to 30 second, 5 times)
  5. Paban Muktasana (30 to 40 second, 5 times)
  6. Dhanurasana (30 to 40 second, 5 times)

Yoga is good for kids?

Yoga is best of all age but we have to practice which is the age or body allow.

What yoga do?

Yoga make healthy body & mind

Where we should do yoga?

Better life & health we should do yoga. Choose open space like nature, or big room with full air pass, open windows and make clean and fresh room.

Types of yoga?

There is 84 posture of the yoga. Some pose is very easy and some are very hard.

84 yoga pose Name

Coming soon.

After meal can we do yoga?

No. we can no do yoga after meal. If you want to practice please wait at list 2 to 3 hrs.

Why we should not do yoga after meal?

After meal we can not do yoga because heavy belly we have no benefit and its make difficult and pressure of our body.

Which time is the best for yoga & Meditation?

Early morning or evening time is the best for yoga & Meditation

Yoga can make damage your body?

Yes if we do wrong or not follow rule yoga can make damage our body.

Why we should do yoga?

Yoga is like exercise so its open all our body part and joint. Its also help stress free of mind. There is lot of benefit of yoga.

Precautions of yoga

Every pose have counter pose so if we never follow balance of body its not give benefit. If we have some problem like high blood pressure, Sugar, Asthma and other body problem we have to skip some pose or we have to do different easy style.

Yoga for better life

If any one are really sad or insomnia depression, better life & health and other problem after few week there is so many change comes. If some people have any kinds of problem in body, its change day by day.

Every day can we do yoga?

No. all human body need rest so at list 4 days of week is good for yoga and if we do everyday yoga is not good for body. Even any kinds of exercise and other hard work we need rest so body want to rest.

Yoga for depression

Yoga always help for everything so insomnia depression and other kinds of mental help its better.

Why is Nepal the most important space for Yoga and Meditation?

Nepal is the best important space for yoga and meditation please click here for more information.

What is Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat is the some rule of body and mind train some good track. some yoga retreat center have some process to teach about yoga and daily life.

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