Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat

Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat


Istanbul, Turkey 
24th to 30th October (6 nights & 7 days)

Travel to a location inside a forest resort to connect your body, mind & soul and experience a wholesome travel deep within. A trip that nurtures you for a better now and a growing future.

Amenities : Outdoor yoga space, gym, Turkish hammam, sauna, outdoor pool, tennis court, bar and restaurant, hiking routes in nature and more ..

* 3 daily vegetarian food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
* 2 daily morning and afternoon yoga and meditation ( 3 to 4 hrs ) with Nepalese teacher
* 2 hikes in nature
* 1 Sound healing ( Chakra Balance with Tibetan Singing Bowls)
* 1 session Karma Yoga
* Tea, water, coffee
* Airport transfer
* Participation Certificate in 2 levels
* One night of Yogibash party celebration with movement meditation
* Free wifi during the stay
* For pro and old yoga students we will have a Master Class session daily for about 1 to 1/5 hours

Retreat Price for all mentioned above : $470

To purchase your flight we can help you but your ticket is not included in this price.