Batha, Kapha, Pitta

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Batha, Kapha, Pitta is known as Dosa, which is created during pregnancy in the mother’s stomach. It stems from the food a pregnant woman eats, how she feels, her behaviors and actions.

Their are several types of Dosa (Prakiti), this is Batha, Kapha, Pitta or all three included which is called Sama.

Batha – People who suffer from Batha generally rush everything, eating, talking, thinking, etc. These people are always in a hurry. Sometimes their food will not digest, and their feces will be hard and black. This can also be a cause of constant wind. These people may have a sharp mind but it is not sustainable and their pain threshold is low.

Batha Cure – An oil massage can relieve these symptoms.

Batha is located below the hip bone, all the way to the feet.

Pitta – People who suffer from Pitta are always overheated and they constantly produce sweat. They react quickly in an aggressive manner and can have an angry nature, but they calm down quickly. They despise winter, but love summer. They are much happier in the heat and dislike cold weather. If they have pain in the hands, knees and other joints, the Pitta will be higher.

Pitta Cure – Eating cow ghee or inserting it into nostrils relives symptoms.

Pitta is located around abdominal, below the rib cage.

Kapha – People suffering from Kapha may constantly have fatigue and feel heavy. They may be seen as lazy by other people. It is very unlikely these people will become angry or aggressive, they are very relaxed. But if anger is to arise, it can be dangerous and very serious. They have a short attention span and forget easily. If it is something that does stick in their mind, it will stay indefinitely.

Kaptha Cure – Eating jaggery, which is a medicinal sugar that come from sugar cane juice or honey

Kaptha is located at the top of the rib cage

The main cause for sickness comes through the stomach, around the JatharAgni (digestion system)

There is a mantra “Landhanam Param Ausadham” which means if you fast for one day, 90 percent of stomach related illnesses will be prevented.

These kind of Dosa can be cured using Triphala.

Triphala – is an ayurvedha medicine, that has 3 different herbs included. Tri means 3 and Phala means fruits.

1- Amala – 300g

2 – Harro – 100g

3 – Barro – 200g

There is 120 formulas you can use with these fruits.

How to make Triphala – Purchase the 3 fruits and dry. Once they are dry separately make into a powder and use the quantity listed above or you can find prepared at a market.

When to use the medicine?

After breakfast or after dinner.

After breakfast use with honey or jaggery. In the morning you receive vitamines from the medicine.

Ensure only warm water or fresh milk is used at night, which is called rechak (clean stomach). 1 glass of water or milk and 1 spoonful Triphala