Program details

‘Karma Yoga’ is a new programme designed to give people a chance to teach part time in a local school for one month. The teaching will be for half days, over 6 days each week. There will be about 3-4 classes a day, each lasting around 40 minutes with a break after each class. 

As this is very much a village school (set in the hills), the number of children in each class should be less than 10, with the children’s ages around 8-12. Saturday is the free day, which is a holiday in Nepal and on Fridays the school also finishes early so volunteers will have less teaching time then too.

  • Time: minimum 2 weeks
  • maximum 12 weeks or depend of time. 
  • Teaching school kids
  • English, Math, Science, Dance/music or sports  subject
  • Daily 2 yoga session
  • Breakfast & Dinner included
  • Saturday full day rest even hiking and other work.
  • Meditation session evening class.
  •  Room, unlimited drinking water and other facility
  • and more 

cost is NRS 1500/day shared room

Program details:

in this project we provide working certificate or thank you letter after the project complete 🙂 

Niru Yoga Homestay with Retreat host to other faciality. 

Project start from May 1st to March 31.